Tax Rates 2024/25



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Capital Gains Tax
Corporation Tax
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Corporation Tax

Year to 31.3.2025 31.3.2024
Main rate (profits above £250,000) 25% 25%
Small profits rate (profits up to £50,000) 19% 19%
Marginal relief band (MRB) £50k – £250k £50k – £250k
Fraction in MRB (effective marginal rate) 3/200 (26.5%) 3/200 (26.5%)

Research and development relief  
Accounting periods beginning on or after 1.4.2024
R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC) scheme*
R&D-intensive SMEs enhanced expenditure scheme**

*Taxable expenditure credit for qualifying R&D.

**Additional deduction for qualifying R&D

R&D-intensive companies are those that have R&D expenditure constituting at least 30% of total tax-deductible P&L expenses plus capitalised R&D costs. Loss-making R&D intensive companies can claim a payable credit rate of 14.5% from HMRC in exchange for their losses (capped at £20,000 plus 3 x [PAYE & NIC]).

Previously, most SMEs used the enhanced expenditure scheme, but with a payable tax credit rate for losses of 10% (or 14.5%, from 1 April 2023, for those with R&D expenditure constituting at least 40% of total expenditure).