Tax Rates 2024/25



Income Tax
Annual investment limits
National Insurance Contributions
Vehicle Benefits
Tax-free mileage allowances
Capital Gains Tax
Corporation Tax
Main capital allowances
Property Taxes
Value Added Tax
Inheritance Tax
Key dates and deadlines
Useful rates
National minimum wage

Main capital allowances

Plant and machinery allowances Year to
Year to
Companies only
– First-year allowance (main pool) 100% 100%
– First-year allowance (special rate pool) 50% 50%
Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
– expenditure up to £1m 100% 100%
New electric vans 100% 100%
Writing down allowance: main pool 18% 18%
Writing down allowance: special rate pool 6% 6%

Motor cars purchased
  From 1.4.21
CO2 (g/km)
New cars only Nil 100%
In general pool up to 50 18%
In special rate pool above 50 6%

Structures and buildings allowance  
Fixed deduction per annum 3%